PRINCE Originals is now available for download & CD purchase

PRINCE Originals is now available for download & CD purchase after appearing exclusively on Tidal Music since June 7th.

The music features PRINCE’s original versions he gave to other artists such as “Sex Shooter” (Apollonia 6), “Jungle Love” (The Time) & the jewel “Manic Monday” (The Bangles) along with other songs he gave to Kenny Rogers, Jill Jones, & The Family’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” which Sinead O’Conner covered for a huge #1 hit in her own right.

The Target retail chain & the Japanese CD version of “Originals” features a bonus version of “Nothing Compares 2 U” which features Prince beautifully with strings backing him up for most of the track.

Apple music debuted a video “Manic Monday” to coincide with the release for $1.99 and features unreleased rehearsal footage of PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION

Originals will also debut on vinyl next month with a special purple vinyl edition that will include the CD and a large booklet. It will also be available on regular black vinyl with no CD & no booklet & white vinyl through the PRINCE estate website with no booklet as well. -DocFB

Diagnosis: Here is hoping this reaches more than the hardcore fans as this release deserves it.



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