Kate Upton photo madness???? Thank you Terry Richardson. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Justin Verlander? Not so much. I kid. I kid. Terry Richardson released some outtake photos of Kate Upton taken earlier this year for her now classic "GQ Magazine" photo spread. I do not know how people reacted in the 70's to that Farrah Fawcet but I imagine it is as big as how people are reacting to Kate's photos. Terry Richardson is the envy of many men for taking these photos. Justin Verlander is a the envy of all men for dating Kate Upton and the anger of many Yankees fans for all but eliminating the Yanks from the postseason last night as they are down 3-0 to Verlander's Tigers. For 2 more too hot for the site photos, click on the continue reading button below! Trust me, it is worth it!