Natalie Portman Giving The Camera Good Hate

Make Hate To The Camera.  Hate It.  Yea, Thats It.  Photo:

Make Hate To The Camera. Hate It. Yea, That's It. Photo:

The camera’s caught Natalie Portman in Manhattan  on the set of her new movie “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits” and she did not look too happy about it. 

Maybe I am going to read too much into this but here goes.

Walking somewhere between a Zoolander blue steel look and looking like she was 2 seconds away from snatching the camera, that look actually looks kind of hot.  Total invasion of privacy as she is not filming.  Totally looks angry, but dang, she looks angry hot.

It’s like you want to argue with her for a little bit and then kind of make out with her afterwards and hope you are both turned on.  Then you are hoping that you get that cute Natalie Portman smile you usually get that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Again, I did say I may read too much into this, so hope you forgive me Miss blue steel.-Dr.FB




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