New Song By Rihanna & Chris Brown! Bad Girl

Not really feeling it. Thoughts?-Dr.FB

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  1. rihanna\’s such a gr8 singer!!! the song\’s okay..

  2. Chris Brown career is over, unless he come back as a rapper…lol..he actually said that he wanted to start as a rapper, I guess he should have did that…

  3. He has since released a statement saying that he is “sorry and saddened” by the incident. Neither Chris Brown nor Rihanna have been seen in the public eye since.
    You can get the same story on Rihanna Photo

  4. Put it back up. Gotta love when someone jacks something from someone else n then they claim it as their own.

  5. songs not up anymore but i think rihanna is definitly one of the most over hyped artists at the moment

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