Changes To Blog And Comments

As you can see, drfunkenberry.com has made changes. Aside from the color, we have added things to add exposure to the site. Buzz buttons, digg and delicious buttons as well.

It may take your browsers time to catch up to the new design as some stories may show up and then show up again later edited. Nothing has been edited at all in any stories, it just is lost in the matrix and will return. Love the assumtions by so called internet experts on it.

You now do not need to log in to leave comments. This feature allowed in the past for people to post privately and I wanted that again.

Hope as the kinks get worked out, you will enjoy the site more as more changes will happen.

We are new but getting known and a blogger is only as good as his audience and you guys quite simply rock.-Dr.FB

Comments (8)
  1. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  2. Thanks for all the juicy gossip.. x

  3. The whole world is turning purple… It’s ’84 again (and that’s cool)!!

  4. The new color scheme looks great Doc!

  5. I like what you’ve done with the site. The color purple, no pun intended, is sick! I’m diggin this. This is a great site that’s only getting better!Keep on doing what you’re doing Dr FB. You ROCK!!!!

  6. Refering to emails I was sent and other things.

    Its all good n like soul II soul you just have to keep on movin.-Dr.FB

  7. Nice. Keep on doing what U do, Dr.

    I didn’t see any “assumptions by so-called internet experts” though.



  8. Sounds great. I don’t see any assumptions by so-called internet experts, though.

    Here’s 2 the 31st!


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