Thank You!!!!!!!! DrFunkenberry.com Hits 10 Million Views!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!! DrFunkenberry.com has hit 10 millions views!  That is nothing short of awesome for an independent music site! For those that come here every day, if you hate the site or LOVE the site, thank you for coming here!  Thank you for Tweeting.  Thank you for Facebooking.  Thank you for telling your […]

Save The FUNK~! Drfunkenberry.com Funk-Raiser!

Drfunkenberry.com Needs Your Help! Hello Friends, Family, Readers, and Community Drfunkenberry.com is an INDEPENDENT entertainment web site focusing mostly on Music but also covering Television, Movies, and Entertainment News, and Gossip. Having to keep up with and hopefully get ahead of such sites as TMZ and Perez Hilton, I need YOUR help. The game has […]

Exclusive! D’Angelo Photo Special From 4th Of July HOB Sunset Show!

Here is your first look at photos of D’Angelo’s House Of Blues Sunset show in July 4th. The photos are amazing. We will have a full review of this show shortly and a few other surprises for you here on Funkenberry.com For some more exclusive photos of D’Angelo, click on the continue reading button….

Top Searches For Drfunkenberry.com 1/9/11 New # 1!

David Bowie & Iman April 2011 Photo: Gettyimages.com

For the first time in 2 months, we have a new number 1 top search on Drfunkenberry.com. Katy Perry’s reign at number 1 is finally over! Not only is she no longer number 1, she is not even in the top 7. Wow. The top searches bringing people to drfunkenberry.com for 1/9/11 are: 1. David […]