It’s Rihanna’s 21st Birthday!

Rihanna File Photo
Rihanna File Photo

Rihanna File Photo

Rihanna turns 21 this weekend.  I am gonna keep it positive in the sense of most of our 21st birthday's were memorable ones for most of us.

Rihanna, just wanting to wish you a happy birthday and know we have your back. :-)

Much love to you.-Dr.FB

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  1. hi rihanna are ya or right chris brown has got done in court lol ha ha ha

  2. OMG the is very nys

  3. happy b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. To Rhianna, Whats it like turning 21?
    Anyway hope u hav a great time on your 21st birthday!!

  5. hello rihhana y love yu…

  6. Happy Bday… 21 wow seems like ages ago.. lol

  7. Happy Birthday Rihanna! In soite of all that’s happened recently, I hope and pray that you have a fantastic 21st birthday and 21st year on Earth.

  8. Happy Birthday Ri Ri! You know you beautiful!


  9. I am soooooo Over the negative press about Rihanna !!! Lets look/move foward. Its about time I see somthing POSITIVE

    Big Game Dave

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