Speechless! Chris Brown & Rihanna Back Together

This is not an April Fool's Joke.  We are not playing.  Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together.

People.com is confirming it and even adding they are staying at one of P. Diddy's homes to work it out.

Forget about that March 5th court date next week being craziness.  Does this send the message that it is ok to beat your lovers ass and in the end, she will take you back?  I am disappointed beyond words.  This is not love, this is the whole I can't live without you thing so let's make each other miserable.

I don't know what I am more disgusted with now; that TMZ photo after Rihanna got beat, or this news right now.-Dr.FB

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  1. Poor Chris Brown. That guy can\’t catch a break!

  2. so wat did people stop buying mj music when it was alledged he molested a young boy

  3. This is probably the first time in his career that Jesse McCartney is glad to be himself.

  4. If Rihanna and Chris Brown are really back together then i’m sure there’s some kind of psychological explanation why this might happen

  5. Then effit. Why should I CARE about or even give people like this any attention. Let them eff themselves all up if they want to. I have not time or emotional energy to put into this after this post.

    The hell with them. Whatever.

  6. Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. Lol why am I not surpriced….

  8. Rhianna is one of the most beautiful ladies around, but she can add dumbest to that also. A woman everyday should be thanked, not disrespected. Not raped or spanked!

  9. This proves she’s a dunce!

  10. All I can say, people can give you advice all day long. You can take it or leave it. In this case she decided to be with him.

  11. I don’t judge situations either but let me tell you, It’s GUARANTEED she’ll get OVER him if she leaves him cuz that they got right there is not true love. it’s ‘i can’t live without you’ but not love. Think Ri! This aint yo real boy!

    Man I know exactly what this like! Rihanna I’m witchu!

  12. dude. that is NOT cool.

  13. She turned the sprinklers off

  14. Honestly, its not anyones business but theirs. They’re young. They’ll do stupid things, and hopefully they’ll learn from them. But in the end its their decision to make, so others shouldn’t stand in judgement. Just wish them the best. Only their family and close friends know them well enough to advised them on what they should do. Everyone else should chill and let them live their lives.

  15. Yes she may have went all aggressive on him (we’ve seen women do this) but he BEAT THE HELL out of her! If this was true (she attacked him) I am sure he could have restrained her ass…then she just would have bruised wrists at the most…know what im saying.

  16. This girl is so stupid!

  17. It just goes to show that no one but Chris and Rhianna know what really went down. But I’d say either way they should split. These days women can be as aggressive as men. So perhaps she punched & bitch slapped Chris before his so called “assault” & now she feels guilty.

  18. OMG maybe he gave her brain damage.

  19. She will be beaten a few more times before she leaves him or he kills her. This does not surprise me at all.

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