Wowsa. Avril Lavigne Engaged To Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger

Eat your heart out Brody Jenner. Avril Lavigne is engaged to Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger. The announcement came from You know Nickelback, the most hated band in the U.S. because…well…someone decided that they suck. Lavigne is 27 and Kroeger is 37.  They first started recording together in February of this year and became romantic after. […]

Funeral For Amy Winehouse Takes Place

A Fan Of Winehouse's Holding Her Photo Outside Funeral Location. Photo: Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images

 I am at a loss for words as Amy Winehouse had her funeral service today and is will  be cremated before being buried. According to and others, Amy’s father Mitch provided a somber and humorous eulogy for Amy.  Producer Mark Ronson, who called Amy his musical soulmate, and produced her 2006 album “Back To Black” attended […]

Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce & Adopts Baby!~

Sandra Bullock & Louis Bardo Bullock. Photo:

Well, has the scoop of the year so far.  Sandra Bullock has officially filed for divorce and she has adopted a baby! Sandra Bullock has adopted an African-American baby that she has named Louis Bardo Bullock.  As we told you before, Sandra Bullock has been trying to have kids with Jesse James but reportedly had […]

Heidi Montag Is Addicted To Plastic Surgery

10 plastic surgeries in one day?  Sigh.  These reality stars.  Lame.  It’s too bad she did not have the fat sucked out of her ass.  When I speak of her ass, I am speaking on Spencer Bratt.-Dr.FB