Star Magazine Reports Chris Brown & Rihanna Got Married Last Weekend

Please don't let THIS be true.
I only give Star validity because they were right about them being back together last week. Star magazine is reporting that the two got married secretly last weekend.

Oh boy, if this is true, which I highly doubt but then again I doubted they were back together, would just bw straight crazy.

Do you think its true?-Dr.FB

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  1. First, Ike & Tina. Then, Bobby & Whitney. Maybe the torch has been passed again.

  2. She’s pregnant!

  3. ok.. theres a reason for my screen name, and this is definatley it!

    and MR. GOODNIGHT , seriously, WTF?

  4. Luv it! they like the new Ike & Tina Turner….I’m a fan of Chris Brown & believe everyone makes mistakes and he is young & have a lot 2 learn about relationships. He has been unfairly crucified without his side of the story. But I understand U not suppose to hit a women

    But give the kid a break


  6. Well god bless em if they r in love who r we to judge? <3

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