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Smoke Or Fire? People Magazine Covers Ashton Cheating On Demi Story

Demi Moore. Photo:

This is NOT good.  When Star Magazine claimed that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore a few weeks ago and he right out the bat threatened to sue for slander, we were like, “Yea, we can’t see Ashton cheating on Demi.”  Then Star went with another girl who claimed to have been with Ashton.  No […]

Jessica Simpson Did NOT Hook Up With Tiger Woods

Jessica Simpson did not really need to deny this because she is way hotter than any of the girls he hooked up with. Star Magazine claimed that this event pictured above that Jessica exchanged phone numbers and email addresses with Tiger Woods to perhaps make Tony Romo jealous. Jessica released this message via her Twitter: […]

Jon Gosselin Denies Kate Major Rumors

Am I missing something? Is Jon Gosselin a “Major” stud and I am just not seeing it?  Is he worth losing your job over? Kate Major, the semi-hot blonde that was seen with Jon on Wednesday and over the weekend, quit her job at the Star because she said she became involved with the subject […]

Angelina Jolie Preggers Again? Lucky Number 7

Is Angelina really pregnant again?  Star Magazine reports Jolie is two-and-a-half months along.  Is this really lucky number 7?  Only time will tell, I doubt the Jolie-Pitt Clan will neither confirm or deny it. Oh Mr. Pitt, what have you gotten your sexy ass into?

Star Magazine Reports Chris Brown & Rihanna Got Married Last Weekend

Please don’t let THIS be true. I only give Star validity because they were right about them being back together last week. Star magazine is reporting that the two got married secretly last weekend. Oh boy, if this is true, which I highly doubt but then again I doubted they were back together, would just […]