Michael Bay To Release Transformer 3 IN 2012

Transformers 2
Transformers 3 To Be Released In 2012

Transformers 3 To Be Released In 2012

Michael Bay has spoken out about rumors of Transformers 3 being released in 2011. Info the makers of the film Dreamworks said.  Not so, says the director.

Michael says he needs a year off from filming.  Regardless, Transformers 2 opens June 24th and let's hope I see Transformers before then.  I know, I know, I am like one of the last people to not see it.-Dr.FB

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  1. OOHHH I can’t wait to see Transformers 2…I loved the first one.

  2. I enjoyed watching Transformers. I want to see the rest of them too.

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