Ryan Seacrest To Make Royal Announcement Tomorrow Morning!

Attention Prince fans!!

Tomorrow morning around 6:45 AM, Tune into 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles.

Ryan Seacrest will announce all the information you will need for the 3 shows next Saturday with Prince and the bands.

Tune in tomorrow morning. Will provide a station link later tonight and I should have more juicy news around that time as well. ;) -Dr.FB

Update: Link To listen online HERE!

As for the other news, I will drop that later today as I don't want it to get lost in the mix.  Hope you understand and hope I make it worth your wait.

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  1. ugh!!! i wasnt around a radio at that time!! i know i can count on u 2 keep us in the know, though! thanks!!!!!

  2. Ok….all I’ve heard so far is “three shows at LA Live” it’s 6:54…could he have announced before 6:45….? nothing yet….

  3. Dr.FB Always has the good juice! I cant wait to hear more!!!

  4. OK OK…..I’m up I’m up……I hope you love me back little purple man (tee hee and my husband)….

  5. Thx 4 keeping us Purpleheadz in the know!

  6. @ violet nah.. no reeason to loose interest,right. It’s just all happening in the US ..that’s all. And that’s the way it is . (smile)

  7. ^It is just an announcement for the L.a. shows. Nothing else. And it will be posted here after it airs. I will keep you up to date so you won’t be missing anything.

  8. I’m losing interest daily with his new project. Again anyone outside US is excluded from the fun. Cannot get access to this radio station :(

  9. Wish I could tune in for this announcement..

  10. … leave it 2 Dr. FB 2 drop the news. U got me checkin’ this site daily for my Prince news.

    Thanx Dr. FB …

  11. Very exciting times…this is gonna b good guyz!! :D

  12. I hope tickets will be package to all 3 shows…..i am hope they are included in resgistration to new site!
    thnx Doc!

  13. thanx for the purple funk doc ;)

  14. Oh luckey me I’m a school bus driver I have to be at work at 610 I will be tuning in with my radio on the bus yea

  15. Setting my alarm clock….

  16. Can’t wait for the juice!

  17. guess i should get some sleep

  18. i guess i better get some sleep

  19. Oh, and can’t wait for the other ‘juicy news’! Thanks Dr. F!!!!!

  20. 6:45 HURRY THE HELL UP!!!

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