Britney Spears Hooking Up With Another Back-Up Dancer?

Britney Spears On Tour.  Photo:

Britney Spears On Tour. Photo:

Please let this not be true.  There are rumors swirling that ever since Jamie Spears, Britney’s dad left the tour to take care of a few business deals, she has been hooking up with a back-up dancer!

You would think after Well-Fed K-Fed, she would swear off doing anything with back-up dancers.  The dancer’s name is Gio and she has been buying him clothes and shoes n’ stuff…allegedly.  Please please please let this not be true. Britney, baby, what’s going on?-Dr.FB




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  3. I don’t admire Britney’s morality alright!She definitely has earned herself a bad reputation.When will she get serious with her life and start dating someone seriously!

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