Dog The Bounty Hunter Shot At While Chasing Fugitive

Dog The Bounty Hunter www.wordpress.com

Dog The Bounty Hunter www.wordpress.com

Dog and fellow bounty man where trying to apprehend a murder suspect in Colorado on Tuesday when the fugitive fired shots at the Dog,  then fled on a motorcycle. Dog and his crew were only armed with paintball guns.

Hoang Nguyen was caught and taken into custody early this morning.  Nguyen is due in court this afternoon.

Why the fu** would someone who is chasing a fugitive armed with JUST paint ball guns?  Seriously?? If you are chasing a dangerous man, get ur self a gun!

Wonder if this was caught on tape, if so, I hope they air this on his TV reality show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter".

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  1. From what I read in the news, the cops can’t seem to find any evidence that old Hoang fired anything at Dog. Sounds to me like his ratings are slipping and he figured out an easy way to get some free publicity…

  2. Duane Chapman is an ex-con (Armed Robbery 18x, plus Murder 1) and prohibited from possessing a firearm. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything to Hoang Nguyen…

  3. It actually wasn’t a paintball gun, it was a pepper ball gun. I just hope they’re okay. It would be a good episode!!

  4. Only in America… ‘If you are chasing a dangerous man, get ur self a gun!’…CHASING?!!! GET A GUN??!!! LOL!

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