Golden Girl Bea Authur Passes Away

Bea Authur Passes Away.  Photo: Lifetime.com
Bea Authur Passes Away.  Photo: Lifetime.com

Bea Authur Passes Away. Photo: Lifetime.com

The legendary Bea Authur passed away today. The Golden girl brought us many laughs and has been battling cancer. 

Bea was 86 years old and will be missed.  Thank you Bea, for being a friend.-Dr.FB

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  1. Well another hollywood icon is gone. I’m sad and so is the world, i’m sure. But Bea would not want us to lay down and wollow ,in this her day of celebration. I will remember her each and everytime I turn on the tv, and catch a rerun or two. I hope Estele Getty has turned on the stove to make her 14 hr sauce. and maybe have a cheese cake for them to sit and chat and catch up a it. My glass is raised and my head is bowed. you left like a lady ,and that is the way you will be remembered in my heart.

  2. I will miss you. You brought alot of laughs into our homes. It help me to forget my troubles. The Golden girls was the best comedy on the air. I still watch the reruns. Thanks Bea for you.

  3. I will miss you, I watch all the reruns. That was the best show on t.v. Made you forget your troubles. I had alot of laughs.

  4. I was just sitting down to watch yet another re-run of The Golden Girls and it hit me that Bea is no longer with us. Thanks for the laughs, the tears, and the wisdom you will be truly missed…. R.I.P Bea Authur!!!!

  5. She was every1’s TV mom … Peace B With U …

  6. Losing Bea is almost like losing one of the family. I’ve
    watched so many of her reruns that I really feel like she
    was a friend. Shalom, my friend…

  7. One of a kind ,,,they don’t make em like her anymore ,,,,when i think of the hours of laughter she has givin me ,,,she is a true legend and unreplacable ,,,thank you Bea ,Love you always

  8. ByeBye Bea x

  9. my heart goes out to her family. I really miss her, I liked her in maude and she was one of my favorite golden girls.

  10. Mrs. Authur, it sadden my heart to here you have passed, you will be missed but always remember….Thank you for being you..

  11. Thanks for the laughs Ms. Arthur. RIP.

  12. she will be miss

  13. bea tou willbe miss

  14. R.I.P Ms. Arthur <3

    [sorry if this is a duplicate comment, the first attempt did not show]

  15. R.I.P. Ms. Arthur

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