Rihanna To LAPD: Give Me Back My Jewelry!

Rihanna www.blogspot.com

Rihanna www.blogspot.com

 RiRi want her jewlery back!

Rihanna is asking for the return of nearly 1.4 million dollars in jewelry she was wearing on Feb 7th, the night Chris Brown, unfortunately, physically assaulted her.

The LAPD took a pair of earrings, and three rings as ‘evidence’.  The companies that loaned her the jewels want their property back.  Rihanna’s request will be on docket for Chris Brown’s next preliminary hearing date, April 29th.

Her lawyer, Donald Etra, stated, ” Apparently, initially, the police felt that it would be needed as evidence.  Now the belief is that the photographs would be more than sufficient”.




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