Cheryl Cole: HOT?

Cheryl Cole File Photo

Cheryl Cole File Photo

She is suppose to be some international hotness that sings and dances with her group, 'Girls Aloud'.  She also has a hubby, Ashley Cole, a professional football (soccer) player, who can't keep it in his pants as causes much havoc in the UK , keeping the press on their toes.
Cole was voted world's sexiest woman 2009 by the reader's of men FHM Magazine.
What do you think?  Does she have what it takes to be successful in the US JUST by her beauty?  Scandal wise, I think her and her hubby would keep us wanting more!

Cheryl Cole Courtesy of Rob Cable

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  1. I love you cheryl

  2. needs more but ahhh

  3. its always amazed me that the band she is in has never made it in the US (i dont think they have even tried) their songs are catchy and have made them the biggest british girl band if you go by number 1s in the UK apparently it has something to do with the fact there songs are to fast for the USA radio but i wouldnt have thought it would effect them that much

    i agree about not liking the tats

  4. shes hot but i dont like that tat on the booty

  5. The husband’s a bore but yes, I’m certain Cheryl would be recieved well in the US.
    Maybe she could find herself a decent man while she was at it.

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