Video: NEW G.I. Joe Trailer

Here is the brand new trailer for G.I. Joe. It looks cool and pretty action-packed.

I am looking forward ot it, how about you?-Dr.FB

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  1. i remeber GI JOE when i was still a kid, this was my favorite cartoon';`

  2. GI JOE cartoons and the GI JOE Movie are all great stuff `':

  3. i am one of the biggest fans of both GI Joe animated version and movie. GI Joe is the best”-‘

  4. Would there be a sequel to the last G.I. JOE movie? iron man has a sequel already. ,

  5. i love watching GI Joe, both the cartoon series and the movie. I am hoping that they would make a sequel. |

  6. Looked stupid as hell. Nothing in that trailer reminded me of Gi Joe, Just a bunch of CGI bull shit.
    CGI has killed movies.

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