‘Red’ Hot Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock1  Harpers-Bazaar


Sandra Bullock1  Harpers-Bazaar

Sandra Bullock1 Harpers-Bazaar

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

Sandra Bullock harpers bazaar

At 44, Sandra is on fire.  Could it be because she's married to one hunk of a delicious man, Jesse James?  Even though she tells Harper's Bazaar Magazine she isn't quite ready to have kids, she still has all the 'Mother' qualities, and that's what counts.  She is a step-mother to Jesse's kids, and she is very content with what she has. 

Bullock tells Harper, " You don't have to give birth to someone to have a family.  I'm not going to spend two seconds of my life wishing I had something I don't.

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  1. Sandra Bullock: Still Hotter than Hot at “The Proposal” Premiere

  2. I “used” 2 have a crush on Sandra, still kinda do … LoL

  3. I’ve always liked her and she’s “aging” beautifully. She seems like one of those celebs that is just being herself most of the time; cool.

  4. simply beautiful!!

  5. That is some hotness right there.

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