The Situation In Iran…..

is making me sad and angry.  Who said FREEDOM was FREE?

What are your thoughts?


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  1. I tell you, if people would protest this way for the same reason in any western country, they would be treated the same way…no doubt.

    And for other reasons people have been shot on demonstrations and other ocasions in the so called “western societies”…

  2. It’s very saddening to see this going on. As for freedom/free, none of us are free…our so call freedom is very limited. I am becoming very disappointed in our Pres. not only how he is handling this situation in Iran but also how he is treating his own country i.e look at the Big 3, he did not keep his promise that he campaigned on now he is running the auto industry, banks and trying to tell how which doctors we can and cannot see, what procedures we can and cannot have….democratic communism imho.

  3. Thanks to my cuz…I’ve been following on this site:

  4. I think Obama is handling perfectly – I’ve heard Iranian-Americans saying that it is better he has been quiet because they will just use his words against Iranians who are protesting – saying they are pawns of the US….he has to tread VERY carefully….for the safety of those protesting….

  5. This is something happening on his watch. Iraq is something he has dealt with that happened before him.
    Its interesting as the world wants him involved. 2 years ago, no one would that president involved in something not in the U.S. Interesting isn’t it?

  6. Obama does need to say something instead of “tweeting” non-political statements for MSNBC to read on-air. :(

  7. I have just seen a video on youtube of a student getting shot for protesting I thank God I live in a democracy

  8. The Iranian people and the world are sure looking to Obama in this situation.

  9. Freedom is never free nor easy to achieve. Note Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. Note the fall of the Berlin Wall. Note the Boxer Rebellion and the Red Revolution. Note the fall of the Nazi Regime and WW2. The fight is long and it is hard. But the results and rewards can be sweet when won.

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