Miley Cyrus And Adam Shankman: Are These Pictures Too Provocative For A 16-Year Old?

Miley Cyrus Provacative Pic Adam Shankman Twitter Pic
Miley Cyrus Provacative Pic Adam Shankman Twitter Pic

Miley Cyrus Provacative Pic Adam Shankman Twitter Pic

These pictures where taken behind the scenes on the set of 'The Last Song'.  Director Adam Shankman posted them on his twitter account.  Now, I feel I've seen worse from Miley, so what's the big deal.  People are saying these are way too provocative.  She is an actress, a singer and a 16 year old (yes, she is still a teen).   I think these where taking all in good fun.


Adam Shankman defends himself saying:

" Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's my little angel sister".

Thoughts ?

Miley Cyrus provocative picture taken with her director Adam Shankman twitter.com

Miley Cyrus provocative picture taken with her director Adam Shankman twitter.com

















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  1. OMCF!!! i hate miley, shes sooooo stupid and ugly. yes, she may have a good voice most of the time (when she isnt wailing enough to break something), but she acts like someone who doesnt have a brain. watch out scarecrow, she might take ur part. but she is setting a great example to your kids, if u want them to be sluts. i dont get why her parents wont step in to do something, its like they r just as stupid as her. (no offense but seriously, how long will it take for them to exile her??) i just think that everyone allows this behavior cuz then she’ll be a great prostitute when her career falls through. i vote we protest against her or something to get her off air. she is the reason to why sometimes im ashamed to be living in this country. u see other nations exceeding in different mathematics and sciences and then when they ask what we r good at all we have to say is: producing idiotic sluts. what a wonderful acheivement, really. i just hope that she will change soon for the better but il never be a fan of hers again, she is so NOT WORTH IT!!!

  2. Miley is a totally outstanding singer. I love all of her songs.

  3. Miley is a totally unbelieveable singer. I adore all of her albums.

  4. a teenager behaving like a teenager.

  5. I love fotball very much and i love miley cryrus very much.
    I was inlove in miley she was HOT main

  6. miley is kind and well behaved that is why i had a crush on her no picture is changing this


  8. I seriously think these pictures are provocative!! i mean the vanity fair pics were pretty bad and you’d think Miley would learn a lesson from them because the stirred such an uproar right? WRONG! she may think its all fun and games but truly this makes her look like the worlds biggest slut, the look she is giving Adam is just too much! And before we know it she is just going to end up as another Jamie Lynn Spears. Miley needs to grow up and relize that taking these kind of pictures is not a smart thing to do because pretty soon her fans (who might i add look up to miley as a hero) are going to look at her just the way some already do….a bad influenece! And one last thing… Adam said “She’s my little angel sister” i honestly dont think that if she is like a sister to him, that he would or better yet should be taking these kind of pictures with her, there are so many ways to have fun and taking racy pictures cannot be the only choice!

  9. As a young girl like Miley I don’t understand why people care so much. Okay so its Miley Cyrus and she’s famous, but do you see her dad complaining about these pictures. People can’t do anything about it. They can comment all they want but Miley will continue do whatever she wants. Unless you’re a parent of Miley Cyrus I feel like negative comments shouldn’t be made. I’m a fan of Miley and I think people should just leave her alone.

  10. but Adam Shankman is a gay 😀 so sex was impossible… maybe it’s a joke …. :P:P:P

  11. Miley is so stupid… she doesm’t know that spoilage of reputatation is one minute and restoration is impossible… so with this behavior, she has lost a lot of fan… very deplorable… I don’t know the truth , but i can’t believe that miley is sinless….

  12. not being funny yeah, but how the hell is this provocative?
    it’s a 16 year old girl posing 😐
    she’s aloud.
    16 yeaar old girls do worse than this.
    everyone thinks shes like 30 when shes still a teenager, she needs to do teenager stuff,
    and as that adam said, she works endlessly, shes entitled to some fun
    also this picture is harmless, not like its showing anything.

  13. she’s fugly eww

  14. Ahhh ! I wish they would stop criticising Miley!! She’s not a little kid and she can’t be expected to act as if she’s some sweet little girl when she’s growing up! People should just focus on more important things. Young girls are getting pregnant so young now an she takes a picture for fun and she’s ridiculed for it.. It’s pathetic.

  15. Oh my God .!
    She is stupid girl .!!
    She behaves reprehensibly .!
    I liked her ;((
    but everything change ;((
    what she is sending behaves as the pampered brat like not worse .

  16. lol @ joe blow, exactly, she isnt hot at all, smushed face and the the guy is gay. When is miley’s 15 minutes going to be up, i think paris hilton has more talent (think about that comment).

  17. Girls at 16 know how to work their sexuality, but should not be doing it with an old geezer. Billy R should lock his daughter up and bang out the ugly bloke

  18. What’s wrong with these pictures?
    Media’s so stupid, you couldn’t find anything else to make a scandal so you searched *so hard* &&found this., hahahah losers!.

  19. It can only be considered “provocative” if the guy is straight and the girl is HOT. Not so much in this case.


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