Breaking News: Public Viewing of Michael Jackson Will Be On Friday

Michael Jackson File Photo
Michael jackson File Photo

Michael jackson File Photo

The public viewing of Michael Jacskon's body will be on Friday at Neverland Ranch.-Dr.FB

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  1. I just hope that it is well thought out — I have never been to Neverland Ranch — I have only seen pictures of the outside part — a viewing would need to be indoors and well organized for the thousands of fans attending — I thought that Michael once said that he would never go back to Neverland ?? I don’t what to think about this ???

  2. Thank you for the info. Keep us posted on any further details. I will be in attendance to pay my respects.

  3. Let the milking begin

  4. oh right just wondering because tmz were reporting it as rumours and suddenly it has become fact

  5. IS THE JACKSONFAMILY INSANE?? .. a huge amount of people will wanna attend !! i hope it is all well organised cuz if not this will mean trouble…
    He will never be forgotten because of the music he gave the world. But lets not make his death a circus; if they say may he rest in peace: does it not count for MJ as well?

  6. if its from the docs mouth then its true im just waiting on more info like what time and how is it gonna work

  7. Yes it is true.

    If it helps, CNN is confirming it as well.

  8. is this true or just a rumour????

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