Neverland Ranch

Jermaine Jackson: “I Wish It Was Me”

This. Is. Just. Sad. “He went too soon. I don’t know how people are going to take this, but I wish it was me,” Jermaine Jackson said. Upon rushing to the hospital last Thursday: “I wanted to see Michael, and I wanted to see my brother, and see him there lifeless and breathless was very […]

Michael Jackson Wants An o2 Neverland Ranch?

The ever sensible man-child Michael Jackson has always been the eccentric one and it seems this time, he is doing it again. Rumors (I must stress rumors) are floating around that Michael Jackson wants AEG to build him a Neverland Ranch style place close to the O2 Arena.  He is rumored to be renting a […]

Marlon Jackson’s ‘Manacle Kingdom’

  And now for your Head-Desk Moment of the Day: After the roaring success that was Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, his brother Marlon Jackson is planning to develop a slavery theme park and luxury resort in Nigeria. The park, to be called the Badagry Historical Resort, will include a slave ship replica, casino, and luxury […]