Michael Jackson Public Funeral To Be Held At Staple Center; $25 charge

Michael Jackson wireimage.com
Michael Jackson wireimage.com

Michael Jackson wireimage.com

Michael Jackson will be layed to rest next Tuesday, July 7th.

There will be a memorial service. It will be at the Staple Center in Los Angeles.

Tickets will be $25 dollars and the event will have videos along with state of the art sound. Just what you always look for in a funeral, right?

Also, since AEG has them printed up, you will be able to purchase "This Is It" merchandise outside of the Staple Center includong t-shirts.

Diana Ross has already confirmed she will be there.

I will keep you updated. A funeral that just turned into an event. Hoping AEG is not just about dollars because this deal makes no sense/cents.-DrFB

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  1. Michael Jackson is simply astounding. The whole of the globe misses you very much! No-one could believe that Michael hasn’t changed pop songs and pop culture everywhere. He was a music genuis and he was the inspiration for a multitude of artists which were to come after him. I think Michael continues to making music and videos in heaven.

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  3. Michael Joseph Jackson will always be the King of Pop. I was and still am a huge fan of Elvis.

  4. Why not donate all that teeshirt money and flower money to Michaels charity instead. Like We are the World, African funds, animal rights, a trust fund for children. etc.

  5. you are and always have been so loved Michael. I pray for your peace and I pray for your children and I pray for Dianna Ross. the scene that this has been turned into is sad, but you had to deal with this all your short life . My sincere prayers are that TRUE JUSTICE (rare) is carried out and that the fights over your money STOP! Dianna, you should have stayed closer to Michael, he loved you dearly. I am at a loss for words. The greed is so sick and they WILL reap what they sow. LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE>>>INOSENCE IS BEAUTIFUL>>>>>LET THEM BE..

    I have always loved Michael and my support of him has never waivered.Wish I could say that for others. :(
    As much as I would love to have the chance to pay my last respects.I will not do so by paying a dime to someone/company who intends on profiting from Michael’s death!!! AEG,Joe Jackson or any of the rest of them have exploited Michael ENOUGH already! If they wanna sell T-shirts fine but not necessary to do it during the memorial service.Set up a website…have a bit of respect and class!But obviously AEG & Joe haven’t been eductaed on those points! “Greedisdisgusting” appreciated what you had to say and I agree FULLY! So as far as I am concerned they can take their little so called fiasco and stick it where the sun don’t shine!


    RIP MIchael 4 these fools know not better what they do!

  7. Please read the latest post with the update about tickets.

    Thank you.

  8. I just read on la times website .. the tickets will be FREE of charge…
    please verify this info… I’m just curious & confused now.
    in a statement, Sunshine said there will be a limited 11,000 tickets distributed for fans wishing to attend the service, free of charge.

    Sunshine confirmed few details about how the tickets would be given out, but it is known there will be a registration system, with further details to be released sometime on Friday, July 3rd.

  9. I actually think it’s a lovely idea, a celebration but what’s the betting this event will be turned into a video..lawd! Let the milking begin

  10. Do you really think Michael didn’t have a life insurance policy or money for the family to pay for a funeral????????????? Charging $25.00 is the rip off of the century done in true Jackson/Jackson/Sharpton style!NEVER is there a charge to attend a memorial service/funeral. People that do pay are just as bad as the ones charging. Stay home and say a prayer for Michael.

  11. Its sad and disgusting that there charging. But the Staples Center is a nice stadium and its inside so it’ll be a classy comfortable environment 2 b in. So I guess I will go.

  12. It’s crazy they are charging $25, but if that saves the Jackson family from incurring costs for their son’s/brother’s memorial service, then it’s worth it for everyone to pay.

    Plus, I hope this may steer some people from going that are just going for the spectacle of it all. It’s just $25, but maybe it will help.

    I’m not very happy about there being limited seating and all these random ass folks showing up that didn’t support him before he passed. To a lot of fans, he was really loved. To a small portion of fans, he was family. The rest of the people are just taking up space. Sorry, but it’s true.

  13. Will the concession stand be open and selling MJ-themed treats too? I mean, why stop at charging admission to a MEMORIAL SERVICE? If AEG has the audacity to charge the public to pay their respects, why not truly be the disgusting money-hungry sons of B!%¢#£§ they really are? Get the dancers into rehearsal and the lighting and pyrotechnic guys on it too! Put up flower stands outside and in the foyers by the T-shirt stands. And then hire photographers to stand by the casket with a Moonwalker backdrop, to snap photos of each fan as they pass by and pay their respects and afterwards, asking them to buy their prints for an additional fee.

    I mean, seriously? People don’t have the sense God gave them.

    Truly disgusted. Truly.

  14. Why are they trying to make $$$$$$$?????

  15. here is hoping they only sell tickits at the door it would be totaly fucked up if scalpers end up selling thease tickits

  16. Wow, that’s really sick from AEG imo..
    It really turned into an event! :S damn

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