Report:Steve McNair Was Murdered By Girlfriend

The coroner's office is now saying that Steve McNair was indeed murdered by his girlfriend.

All evidence pointed to that conclusion but Tenessee detectives first said that was not the case.

McNair's body was found on saturday with a bullet to the head and his girlfriends body not too far away.-Dr.FB

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  1. Because Steve McNair never figured out that being a player off-the-field didn’t make him a man, 4 more Black boys have to grow up without a father?

    Great legacy, Steve.

  2. Let this be a lesson to all the cheaters out there!

  3. Indeed sad, however I find it so hard to believe a wife of 12 yrs. did not have a clue her husband was cheating. My prayers to the McNair family.

  4. Well after they said they found the gun under her body I figured it was a case of murder suicide….she must have wanted him to leave his wife and he told her no….he payed the ultimate price for cheating…..glad the wife didn’t do it…..

  5. So sad!!!

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