Report:Steve McNair Was Murdered By Girlfriend

The coroner’s office is now saying that Steve McNair was indeed murdered by his girlfriend. All evidence pointed to that conclusion but Tenessee detectives first said that was not the case. McNair’s body was found on saturday with a bullet to the head and his girlfriends body not too far away.-Dr.FB

Robert Pattinson Not With Girlfriend

Robert Pattinson is now back in Vancouver filming the last scenes there of “New Moon” before moving on to another location. Robert Pattinson, as we reported earlier was in Beverly Hills with a female companion that a majority thought was his girlfriend.  Well, it is a girl and she is a friend but not his […]

Lindsay Lohan On A Hawaii Retreat

While “estranged” girlfriend Samantha Ronson was on business in New York, Lindsay Lohan took a weekend trip to Hawaii. She could not escape the photographers over there as well but at least she seemed to be smiling about it.  It seems on Saturday, someone either hacked into Samantha Ronson’s twitter account and posted under her […]