New Music~ Maxwell ‘Bad Habits’

Maxwell has just released " Black Summers' Night, the first CD of his  'Summer's night'  trilogy.


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  1. ^^ Thanks I’ll try to find the dvd somehow.

  2. I have the album and DVD, both are amazing. Justmemuchlove music, the CD/DVD Deluxe is a limited edition. I’m sure places like ebay or amazon.com will have a way for you to get the DVD.

  3. Definitely love the album! Favorite tracks are Cold and Fistful of Tears. Has anyone heard that song On The Ocean by K’Jon…gives me that Maxwell vibe….yall should check it out @ http://www.myspace.com/whoiskjon

  4. Cannot wait to get this. Pre-ordered the deluxe set. Got some email that the set will not be released anymore. I really wanted the DVD too.. :-(

  5. I picked up this cd yesterday and I really like it — I was a little dissapointed that it only has 9 songs on it … Welcome back Maxwell !!!

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