Beyonce, Her Locks and Polka Dots

Beyonce/ Startracks
Beyonce/ Startracks

Beyonce/ Startracks

I'm not sure what happened to Miss Diva, but she looks like hell.  Someone give this girl a mirror!

Untamed hair, polka dots and a purple purse...OUCH!

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  1. She looks like a wet dog! She’s doing way to much here trying to be overly trendy with the bag, necklace, glasses, & belt! Girl pls. we know you have money but you are once again overdoing it!!

  2. What are u talking about? She looks great! Nothing wrong w/ polka dots :(

    What she SHOULD do is stop messing with her hair so much– give it a rest for a while…

  3. Beyonce is like everyone else … no different … we all have good days and not so good days … I think she looks nice in this photo … Is she looking her “DIVA” best … NO … but she still has that IT factor that fans love and non-fans hate … LOL

  4. I think she looks nice…

  5. She’s smiling, she looks great, but should’ve worn her hair up! LOVE the outfit, very devil may care!

  6. There is NOTHING.. I say. NOTHING wrong with the way she looks. I would give anything to look like that!!

  7. I think the polka dots are okay, but she needs to lose the necklace! It’s too much with the dots. The hair–ok, she either just came out of the pool or the shower. I’ll cut her a little slack on that. :-) I guess she just grabbed that bag instead of changing. Ya think?

  8. Gimme dat purple purse though!I WANT IT! lmao

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