Video: Texting While Driving PSA

This is a public service announcement regarding texting while driving and is graphic. Will this stop you from texting while driving? I TRY to do it while at stop lights but did do it a few times while on the freeway over the weekend. I think I will stop doing that.

What about you? Will you stop?

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  1. Hard to watch but needs to be shown

  2. MediaCurves.com just conducted a study with 300 viewers of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from the U.K. illustrating the dangers of texting and driving. Results showed that majority of viewers (80%) reported that they are less likely to text while driving after watching the PSA. The study also found that 85% of American viewers reported that the PSA should be aired in the U.S. The majority of viewers (87%) believe that the PSA is appropriate in nature, and 86% also indicated that the PSA was extremely effective. More in-depth results can be viewed at http://www.mediacurves.com/NationalMediaFocus/J7508-PSA/Index.cfm

  3. Sbacon — I concur…That is some crazy S#!$…and the movie is pretty graphic but the PSA needs to be said — no holds barred. Accidents aren’t all neat and pretty and glamorous… people need to know that. That text or that phone call isn’t that important. Leave that business off until you get where you need to go!!

    Thank you for sharing, Doc…and I would like to add that I’m willing to wait for the “breaking news” if it means you won’t be texting while you’re driving. Would rather know you’re safe first.

  4. That’s some real s&%t right there. Very powerful movie. I hope every texter watches this. Driving is dangerous enough as is.

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