Where were you?

Does this still affect you the way it did when it first happened. Still can’t get the image of the planes out of my head.

Just want to say I love you guys. On days like this, I just wanted to say that.-Dr.FB



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  • Velo
    Posted at 17:05h, 11 September

    Was on my way to work as the reports came in over the radio. Stood in front of the large screen tvs watching in horror, as the phones continued to ring. I wanted to scream at the people on the other end of the phone while they were asking me their stupid, pointless questions, “Go turn on a television you effing moron, don’t you know what’s happening??”. One of our clients was in the room with us, watching the footage, when she got a phone call from her son – who was in his office in the WTC. That would be the last time she heard his voice.

    I spent the day wondering if my friends in NYC were still alive.

    And yes, it’s still just as raw today as it was then. What I wonder is, where has the love and compassion gone that was evident everywhere immediately after 9/11/01? It was in the street, at the grocery store – everywhere. How soon we all forgot.

    There are people all over the world who live with this sort of violence every single day…

    Love right back at y’all.

  • Live4Love
    Posted at 09:22h, 11 September

    I was at work in Paris France, and i’ve heard a colleague(a woman) said louder “it’s the war, it’s crazy”…i said in my mind ” what’s the hell ! is she hysterical ?”…i ask her why she shout like that..she answer me ” 2 planes crashes on the WTC towers….it’s the arab Terrorist attacks USA…Oh it’s not too good 4 u to be an Arab since now !!!!”…it’s the first time i feel the racism of the french People..like it’s your Fault Arab !!!
    when i watched that on TV…i feel disapointed and anger about the horror and i feel the Sorrow 4 the family of victims and U.S citizen…as a Muslim i never approuve those Extremist, they give a dirty image of our community…cuz they mix Politic and religion…yes we have to Fight those extremist cuz they are Fachist and dangerous…but don’ make mixture with real and peaceful muslim in the world!
    hope a peaceful world 4 all and more understanding and less racism !


  • amoryluz
    Posted at 09:22h, 11 September

    was at home, in Santiago-CHILE. I was a Flight Attendant for UNITE AIRLINES…I had my 8 month old son in my arms, my housekeepers screams when she sees the scene on the tv–I run to the kitchen, almost drop my son(poor thing) then in a flash had to go into “emergency mode” and start the calling tree to all the UAL based flight attendants, those in Chile, those on layovers….
    After I went back to flying when my post natal was over I couldn`t get over the new cockpit entry regulations, the no knives on board, the security checks…
    Still marks my days each 9/11…

    god bless and love and light to all , all around the world…

  • christopher arnel
    Posted at 07:44h, 11 September

    i was at work, we had tv’s on, and watched it live as it happened, and basically NOTHING got done that day. Immediately after work, i had to drive to Atlanta, from Illinois and the interstates were almost empty, not many drivers or police out. Gas was rumored to be going up to $5.00 a gallon, but the further south i got, the cheaper gas was. i filled up one time for .99! I have the cbs produced dvd “what we saw” and i make sure that every year we watch it, so that my kids are educated(they were really young when it happened) as to what went down and that we/they never forget. When they show the documentaries on tv, Nat’l Geographic has the best and most comprehensive one, i feel the same sorrow and anger like it was 9/11 all over again.

  • justmemuchlove
    Posted at 05:17h, 11 September

    Was at work when a co-worker came to me and told me what happend. Avoid watching the news because I didnt want to see the planes crashing into the towers. Forced myself to watch one of the memorial services. I cried for two days. All those ppl getting last phone calls from loved ones. I will never forget hearing that…
    Much love back

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