Video: A Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer

Here is the trailer for the upcoming A Nightmare On Elm Street remake.

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. wow get this, the guy that is playing freddy krueger is the guy who played the retarded homeless bum named Dukes in the movie Semi Pro with the big oversized check he couldn’t cash. No wonder I recognized his voice in the same light. Way to step up your career eh? Someone must have been his friend on this movie set.

  2. Why does Freddy sound like he’s mentally handicapped? That I don’t get. He always had a sinister evil voice. Not cool. I’m guessing Robert Englund passed up. Too bad because he’s been doing the role for so long, it should go to no other. I’m pissed. Anyways, it looked like “the batman begins” of the freddy series and guess what? I hate batman begins. I’ll go with Nicholson any day. I don’t even bother owning the new batman movies. I’m on the rocks, but leaning towards hating this just by things I saw. Come on!!! Can’t we have one freaking movie where we can just honest to god hate the villain or be scared without a huge intro psychological explanation and flashbacks as to what happened or why. Like the good old horror movies. I think Hollywood has officially given up. I think it’s time for me to set my sights on Bollywood. Maybe they are at least more original over there.

  3. Seriously….They could not get the original Freddy.

  4. This one could be one for my “movies to see ” list. But not sure yet.
    Thanks for posting Doc.

  5. Micheal Bay hunh ???

    Can’t go wrong with that … I’ll be there the DAY it comes out. Hopefully :0)

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