Jon & Kate Plus 8 Renamed Kate Plus 8

TLC has had enough of Jon Gosselin and has went ahead with plans to rename "Jon & Kate Plus 8" just "Kate Plus 8" with the Gosselin's going through with divorce.

Will you still watch when the show comes back in December?-Dr.FB

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  1. Yes, I will watch Kate plus 8. The children are doing well regardless of what other people may say and I believe Kate and Jon will be able to co exist and begin treating each other with respect, but they both must be able to LISTEN to one another needs and not listen to other so called friends.

  2. No, I wasn’t watching it before and I won’t start now. Plus, I don’t like Kate or Jon and I feel sorry for the children.

  3. I quit watching it when things got messy and will not go back.

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