Prince NOT Attending Dior Fashion Show

Prince, March 2009. Wireimage.com
Prince, March 2009. Wireimage.com

Prince, March 2009. Wireimage.com

I just got word that Prince is travelling to Paris sometime today and regretfully will miss the Christian Dior Fashion Show.

I heard this is being reported elsewhere and if it is, please send them here for the clarification.

Other than that, Paris are you ready?-Dr.FB

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  1. please, gig where, when, where, please, tickets where? where? where?

  2. Here’s a question i really wanna know, is bria coming along? and is she gonna finally make her debut? because i am still thrown-off by that other report about her homecoming party and that nothing was mentioned about it since then

  3. Wish so bad I could attend too!!!! He doing this concert because lotusflow3r was release over there. So that there added treat. PARIS, ENJOY!!!!! Don’t worry US. he has something in~store for us too real soon. Just be a little more patient. Smile.

  4. I’m ready. Hope the show will be like the ones in Montecarlo, in small & intimate venues, and that some wild aftershows will follow, in unusual places…
    thanks for keeping us informed Dr. F.!

  5. …vous etres belles…mama…girls n boys…..xxxx

  6. Hi Andre

    Don’t hold your breath………tickets thru LF you must be joking, I like your sense of humour.

    I would have thought that, this would have been the point of LF, to release tickets to members. Nevermind when the tix are available i’m sure the doc will be the first to know.

  7. C’est super !!!

    Meet me in another world…


  8. sounds like Paris is going to be getting funky soon

  9. Travel Safe Prince!

    Cool, I didn’t know Prince and the band could levitate!
    (see picture)


  10. That’s some exciting news. I hope he has a great time entertaining the French and I hope the French enjoy his shows!

  11. Thanks for clearing that up for them! lol

  12. Let’s hope he will release some tickets through lotusflow3r πŸ™‚

  13. where’s my passport?…….lol….ha ha

  14. Shakes head at comment above. If you are a follower of this site, as you should be, you would know that Prince is on his way to Paris not to attend fashion shows but is going to perform some shows there soon.


  15. Ready for what ?

  16. Ready for what? For him to attend fashion shows? Well, us, regular folks are not part of Fashion world, ya know?

  17. thanx 4 the info

  18. Paris.
    Polanski out .
    Prince in.
    I hope that guy Prince is not one of those Polanski defenders, like half Hollywood – apparently.

  19. Hit me up with the info….I’m ready 2 do this!!!! πŸ™‚

  20. Oh my God !!! Where ??? (Paris is a big city with a lot of venues) When ???
    HELP !!!

  21. If he comes to London – I’d LOVE 2 go – dreamer….

  22. Thanks Doc***

  23. I wanna go !!

  24. Paris is sooo lucky!! LOL
    if tixprices are acceptable and i am lucky to optain a ticket..i am going 2 paris 2!!

  25. Yeah ! More than ready…just told us when & where ! Here eye come…

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