The Who Chosen To Perform At The Super Bowl

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry of The Who | Starpulse.com
Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry of The Who | Starpulse.com

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of The Who | Starpulse.com

The Who was announced as the performers at this years Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl this year will be in Miami where it will be 3 years since the last Super Bowl was played there as Prince gave a Super Bowl performance to end all Super Bowl performances.

I am not excited that The Who was chosen. The day after the Super Bowl, I am going to petetion hard for Bon Jovi to be the halftime show for the Super Bowl in 2011 at Texas Stadium.

Are you ecited that the Who was chosen?-Dr.FB

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  1. i remember Bon Jovi when i was still in high school, Bon Jovi was very popular in the 90’s:”`

  2. i think that the best song of Bon Jovi is the Bed of Roses-`”

  3. Bon Jovi in the 90’s is super popular and can i say the king of rock and roll on those days~*~

  4. Bon Jovi definitely rocks, the best rock and roll band in the planet”*’

  5. I believe this is the year for our Cowboys. They have worked hard. The Cowboys have come close recently. We really think this is the year.

  6. No one will ever beat Prince Per4mance EVER EVER EVER & in the rain 2

  7. Bon Jovi!!!!!! I am going to see him Monday at Lincoln Center. Bon Jovi would be a great choice for the Super Bowl. Tell our man Prince to take a look at his fan club site. It is a great model to follow.

  8. I think THE WHO is an excellent choice,….

    Considering the acts they have had in the past 15 years. They have earned it…. they can still jam for thier age with out embarrasing themselves like the Rolling Stones did a few years back not even playing in tune. Good Gawd!

    Musgrave – Chicago

  9. I’m incredibly excited….but then again, I’m a pretty huge fan of Roger and Pete :)

  10. First, it’s Dallas Cowboys Stadium, not Texas Stadium! Next, I don’t want to see The Who. Bring Prince back, he’s the greatest. Santana, Eric Clapton or John Mayer would be my can’t lose choices!

  11. Yo, I’m not feeling this at all. This has the potential to be as bad as The Rolling Stones in 2006. I’m with you Doc, Bon Jovi would have been the better choice. Oh well.

  12. I’m fucking estatic!!!!!!! Relax people, The Who still rock! 😉
    ..VERY exciting news!

  13. OH WOW!!!!! I was really hoping for Bon Jovi as well or anyone for that matter, but The Who????????? I dont even consider them as The Who now as such per se now that theres only Pete Townshend and Roger Daltery left!!!!! They seem to b a shadow of the former bands selves now!!!!

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