Kevin Smith Gets Kicked Off Plane For Being Too Fat

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith File Photo

Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest plane after being told he was too fat to fly and a flight risk.

Kevin was flying out of Oakland back to Burbank and was already seated when he was kicked off the plane.  Kevin took to his Twitter account and sent off a slew of attacks on the airline and the embarrassment that followed. 

They did offer Kevin a $100 dollar voucher for his trouble and Kevin said they chastised the women next to him as well for not buying an extra seat even though Kevin said he was not a risk. 

Kevin took another Southwest flight out of there and pointed out he flew out to Oakland and flew back to Burbank so does not understand what the pilots deal is.

Kevin will be addressing this on his podcast tonight.  Wonder how soon until they start weighing people before they get on a flight or ask for your weight description when purchasing tickets.  Bet it happens soon.  But if you have a bomb in your underpants, hey, step right up and take your seat.-Dr.FB

Ironically enough, Southwest responded to Kevin on their Twitter account  saying they were sorry for his experience.

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  1. American planes should just be built with bigger seats or more space, period. Kevin Smith told the truth about Prince and now he is gonna tell it about Southwest. Looking forward to the smodcast.

  2. Although sad…companies like SW can run their business the way the choose. They do have a point (when reading SW’s full explanation on another site). Love Kevin Smith tho.

  3. That’s so shameful what they did to you, Kev. Believe me, they just lost a future customer as well.

  4. They did say (last year) they were gonna start doing that..

  5. Well, maybe his fat ass should lose some weight? I mean he may not be like 500 pounds but he is fat.

    I would be embarrassed into weight loss with this incident if I was him. More embarrassing than saying you are the director of Gigli.

  6. It’s gonan be one funny podcast, that’s for sure. Gonna have to listen.

    Thanks Doc for posting.

  7. That is some BS right there.

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