Tiger Woods’ Mistress Wants An Apology

Despite his 14 minute apology this morning, Tiger may still have a lot more of it to do.

Veronica Siwik-Daniels, a former adult film star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress (did I ever think I would write those together in a sentence??) spoke to the media today, saying she still wants a personal apology from Tiger Woods. She says she fell in love with him and he told her that he loved her too. "You can't help who you love," she said. -Dr.FB

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  1. With regards 2 everything written here: YEAH!!! & Fck Gloria Allred 2!!!

  2. Ho Sit Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please…15 minutes of shame!!! She knew he was married, if you’re in the business you should be smarter than that…Tiger won’t leave his wife and kids for you….get real!!!
    Just hate the fact that these mistress think they deserve an apology…do me a favor Ginger…..take off those phony eyelashes…you look ridiculous!!!

  4. What an ugggly miserable specimen she is.
    Getting ya dinger donged by Tiger not much fun now is it luv?

  5. Those woman who had affairs with Tiger should blame themselves 100% and no one else. They all knew he was married or could have found out easily. He was a public figure and could not hide the fact that he was married. But those woman made the conscious choice to go with him anyway, knowing that. They don’t deserve apologies at all, rather they, and their stupid self serving lawyers should issue apologies to his wife, who is the ONLY victim in any of this ! She’s got some nerve !

  6. This woman is a tramp and a homewrecker. Who gives a shit about anything that comes out of her filthy whorish mouth.

  7. his apology to her would truthful if he were to tell her ‘sorry but I am a sex addict and you were my drug of choice- nothing personal’

  8. CynthiaRose, you said it PERFECTLY!!

  9. Ohww someone please get this ##@@%% Something to SUCK on so she can shut the fuck up!!

  10. I agree with you word for word CynthiaRose. This woman is still trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame.

  11. Seriously, does anyone really care about a public apology from Tiger? Dude, go and work on your marriage.

    The only person Tiger needs to apologize to is his WIFE.

    Any or all of his alleged mistresses are just that — MISTRESSES.

    They should have NO expectation of exclusivity…nor should they expect to get any respect or consideration because the nature of the relationship with him was shady to begin with. They knew what they were getting into when they got with Tiger. It wasn’t like he played like he was a single, unmarried man and they found out he was married after they had fallen in love with him.

    If you’re gonna openly be a ho, then expect to be treated like one in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom.

  12. That woman need to go somewhere and shout the heck up. If anything, she owes Tiger wife an apology for sleeping with with her husband

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