Shia LaBeouf Keeps On Running

Shia LaBeouf. Photo:

Shia LaBeouf. Photo:

Shia LaBeouf was a man of his word yesterday and ran in the L.A. Marathon.  he ran the 26.2 mile route in 4 hours and 35 minutes. 

Shia ran to raise money for the U.S. Vets charity as his father is a vet.  Keep on running, Shia, keep on running.-Dr.FB



  • 3simulation
    Posted at 23:47h, 12 January


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  • ChrisG
    Posted at 12:44h, 23 March

    25,000 runners and they’re able to pick out Shia looking like a homeless guy. How do they do it??? Honestly, I bet you noone else besides this photographer knew who he was. That is talent. lol

    And good for him for completing it. That’s a great accomplishment. I want to do it next year. Doc, you wanna do it with me?? How’s THAT for a goal? Maybe we could start a Funkenrunning group. 🙂

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