Mistress #3 Of Jesse James Steps Forward

Brigitte Daguerre.

Brigitte Daguerre. Photo: JusticeHoward.com

Mistress # 3 (and a tabloid is claiming there is as many as 11 right now) stepped forward to say she had sexual relations with Sandra Bullock’s husband in 2008.

Brigitte Daguerre, a model and photographer says she had sex with Jesse James with 4 times but cut off the relationship although she knows that they sent each other 195 text messages.  Wow. Must have kept them all eh?

We have to wonder if Sandra may have known a bout Jesse cheating once and taking him back and then he continued to cheat or if she really was in the dark about all this?-Dr.FB

Team Sandra!

Brigitte Daguerre.

Brigitte Daguerre. Photo: JusticeHoward.com



  • Georgie
    Posted at 05:34h, 29 March

    Who knows? I bet she never imagined he’d be getting off with trash like this! What an insult. Whatever, Sandra is better off away from that idiot

  • Jeremiah Leneau
    Posted at 22:43h, 28 March

    Really sickening on how this scandal broke so soon after the big Oscar win. From such a high to such a low so quickly.

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