Elizabeth Taylor Attends Tribute To Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor Attends Tribute To Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: Gettyimages.comElizabeth Taylor. Photo: Gettyimages.com

Elizabeth Taylor was in London late last week for a tribute for her late husband Richard Burton where a bust was revealed in his honor.

Dame Elizabeth was dressed up a beautiful red dress but did not look as healthy as she did a few months ago.  As we reported exclusively 2 weeks ago, Taylor was admitted to a hospital in Beverly Hills but not for health issues.  She was there for psychiatric reasons and went there voluntary. 

It’s hard to see the Hollywood legend like this.  She was very sad and somber at the event as she still feels that Richard Burton was the love of her life.  So much so, she actually married him twice.   Her career was in a major swing when she was with Burton as many in Hollywood can agree. 

For the record, Taylor never denied our story via her Twitter account and neither have her reps.-Dr.FB



  • marima macaraeg
    Posted at 18:58h, 14 February

    Elizabeth Taylor has loved a lot in her life, but she never knew that it is only Richard Burton whom she loved most and lost…

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