Breaking News! George Clinton Has Been Hospitalized

Funk legend George Clinton has been hospitalized.  This is coming from Bootsy Collins who had this to say on his Facebook Page; Okay funkateers, our Captain of the Mothership has been hospitalized. Ineed yall to send up smoke signals, love vibes, prayer’s whatever you got, because our great Dr.Funkisien needs us all right now, so stop what your doing and […]

Amy Winehouse Hospitalized Part 979,452

Amy Winehouse has been hospitalized again…according to the Sun. It seems Amy had a night of booze binging and is now at the London Clinic in Mayfair.  Here are a few quotes from the article. “She’s there because she had a load to drink and was really unwell afterward,” “Not just sick, really poorly. But […]

Elizabeth Taylor Attends Tribute To Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo:

Elizabeth Taylor was in London late last week for a tribute for her late husband Richard Burton where a bust was revealed in his honor. Dame Elizabeth was dressed up a beautiful red dress but did not look as healthy as she did a few months ago.  As we reported exclusively 2 weeks ago, Taylor […]

Breaking: Elizabeth Taylor Hospitalized

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo:  is  getting exclusive news that Elizabeth Taylor has been hospitalized in Beverly Hills.   We are hoping it is not true, but it is looking like it is. Taylor was taken into psychiatric treatment earlier today and has been there ever since and is supposed to be there for a while. Elizabeth Taylor is at Cedars […]