Brittany Murphy’s Husband Is Found Dead

Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy File Photo
Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy File Photo

Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy File Photo

Brittany Murphy's widow, Simon Monjack was found dead late Sunday evening in the home that him and Brittany shared. 

Brittany's mother found Monjack unconscious in the master bedroom around 9:30 P.M. Sunday night. and called paramedics.  Shortly after their arrival, they pronounced him dead.

Brittany's mother found her in the shower unconscious in December of last year before she was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest. 

We will have more as details unfold.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Coroner's report:  Cause of death appears to be natural.


Autopsy will be done in the next day or so and toxicology reports will be reported after they have been done. 

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  1. @ dreamer2010
    LOL I agree with u..

  2. ok i’m just going to say it….IT WAS THE MOTHER! I know that I can’t be the only one thinking that someone killed both of them…..it’s just too weird to have two people who lived in the same household die within months of each other…I really think they need to reopen brittney’s case

  3. Interesting
    Brittany’s mother found Simon Monjack unconscious in the bedroom and back in December she found her daugther in the shower unconscious. Now that is interesting.

  4. That’s 3 deaths now right? Bret Michaels is a lucky son of a gun.

  5. Coke and pills it has to be.

  6. Drugs are bad everyone. bad.

  7. Another shocker I must say.

  8. Whoa!

  9. What? Wow. What the hell is going on?

  10. Everyone thought Brittany Murphy died from coccaine use, but it was complications of her diabetes along with the flu..and taking prescription medication. Bet you they will find a buttload of prescription meds.

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