Video: Eharmony Ad “Woman Wants To Hug All Cats” LOL

OK, with how fast this went viral, it has to be fake. Still, it's funny, convincing, and I bet a few guys are "where have you been my entire life" and buying cats by the dozen while looking for her.

Check it out above and do you think it is real or fake? Regardless....still way out there.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Cat Stratch Fever

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  1. But yeah could just be a way for eharmony to dupe people into getting attention to their site..could be a paid actress and then indeed truly “fake”.

  2. She’s doing a “bit”…just showing her sense of humor. So suppose it’s “fake” in that regard but just a bit of acting and having fun.

  3. She really loves cats … LoL

  4. WOW! Now I’ve always fancied my self a cat lover buuut WHA?? It has to be fake or she’s just way inmature or limited in some way, what about other animals? idk There was a fox in my backyard this morning soooo cute!~ I just wanted to hug him and put him in a basket with a bow tie lol

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