The Dr. Recommends “Captain America” As It Takes #1 At Box Office

Chris Evans Photo: ScreenRant.com
Chris Evans Photo: ScreenRant.com

Chris Evans Photo: ScreenRant.com

We saw "Captain America: The First Avenger" this weekend and loved it.  We have not seen Thor although we know we need to before "The Avengers" movie comes out.  Chris Evans was the right choice.

We thought we would be bored with a super hero movie taking place in the 1940's but we were not thanks to a brilliant script and fantastic acting.  Hayley Atwell was sheer hotness as Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers/Captain America's love interest in the movie.  Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Neal McDonough, and Sebastian Stan were stellar as well.

Captain America took the box office with around $60 million, thwarting Harry Potter which took around $50 million.  Coming in 3rd was "Friends With Benefits" taking in about $18 million dollars.  We have a feeling good word of mouth will keep FWB in the box office run this weekend.  Just watch.

Did you see Captain America this weekend?  What did you think?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Dr. Recommends Highly

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  1. Loved it.

    Also liked Thor and Green Lantern. Hopefully the Hulk, my fav, will get another shot at the big screen…..

  2. hmm Thor did not enjoy as much as I thought; am looking forward to Captain America!!

  3. Saying “we” is better than saying I. It comes off as selfish. So “we” say “we” instead of I for that reason. Also, it keeps you guessing. :)

  4. Who is we?

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