Breaking: Justin Bieber In Car Crash!

Justin Bieber. Photo:
Justin Bieber. Photo:

Justin Bieber. Photo:

Justin Bieber got into a car crash in Studio City, where he lives, as he crashed his Ferrari into a Honda Accord.

Justin is OK.  We are told the crash and the damage is minor.

The accident happened in an underground garage and not on the road.

We will have more info as it is available.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Hope His Snake Johnson Is OK Too




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  3. Aimz

    I don’t like him but I don’t want him to die O.o…And to all you people out there, if you were offered MILLIONS of money, girls, and meeting famous people all for singing, wouldn’t you take it?

  4. kidruhl

    Guys lol dont worry am ok ….. and my snake is ok tooo lol the ferrari is damige :((( but that wasnt mine ferrari ….
    with love:

    xJustin Drew Bieberx

  5. Valeska C

    Touche Dr FB, the headline had me thinking it was a serious car wreck. Glad it was nothing serious.

  6. Mindi (:

    That was un called for, i hope he is ohkk!! :/ :/
    Wishing him all the best!! (: <3 <3
    Love ya Justin xxoo

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