2 Days Into The Michael Jackson Trial, How Do You Feel? Share Your Thoughts

Michael Jackson

I am not following the MJ trial. From old voice recordings to photos on his death-bed, it is just too much.

I know you have been watching. It has to be information overload. Seriously, way too much information. Just think how the jurors feel and they are not supposed to have feelings for the victim, but you all do.

So I must ask; what do you think of the first 2 days of testimony in the Trial of Conrad Murray?

Do you feel he is guilty? Do you feel people around Michael knew he had a problem? Are you upset that no one tried to get him help? Will the end verdict actually make you feel any better?

Tell us how you feel?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Too Much Information Sometimes Leads To Too Much Doubt

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  1. i was sad when i heard that tape of MJ speaking in that depp voice, clearly druged up. and when lou fregno (sp?) said the last time he trained MJ — mj said “take care of yourself” lou said he felt MJ knew something was going to happen. i also, heard a recording a few years back on entertaiment tonight –still floating around on youtube — leaving a message w/ a “trusted” business partner, about how he was being stalked and feared for his and his childrens life. you can tell he was on something.

    i doubt the truth about this mees will ever really come out. things just don’t ad up for me. i beleive dr murry did not act alone–he is the fall-guy, their are others involved and think MJ was trying to get away from………..

  2. Conrad Murray should go to jail.

  3. Michael was a Propofol junkie. Michael is as culpable for his own death as are the enablers & parasites that surrounded him.

  4. Beautiful life lost due to the greed around him & his loneliness .

  5. I haven’t watched, either. Losing Michael still hurts my heart. Can’t do it.

  6. Its all 2 much. I’ll just wait 4 the last word, IF there is one, and i agree, the Doc shoulda turned MJ away. $ will blind u! RIP MJ whatever the deal was!!!!!

  7. I think Conrad is going down, that’s my general feeling at the moment.

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