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Conrad Murray Gets A Maximum Of 4 Years Jail Time

Conrad Murray & His Defense Team. Photo: AP

Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to 4 years in prison for the death of Michael Jackson. Murray’s time will be spent in L.A. County Jail. The judge appeared often upset and brought up a documentary that Murray shot with MSNBC where Murray said Michael’s death lies with Michael not him. Murray will also have to pay […]

Conrad Murray Is Found Guilty Of Michael Jackson’s Death

Conrad Murray & His Defense Team. Photo: AP

The jury reached a verdict in the Conrad Murray Michael Jackson trial and it was tense to say the least as Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The verdict was reached earlier in the morning and read after 1 p.m.  Conrad Murray looked scared as anyone would have been. Mrs. Benson, the court clerk […]

Coroner’s Report Reveals New Details On Michael Jackson’s Death

Michael Jackson

With Dr. Conrad Murray officially charged in the death of Michael Jackson, the Los Angeles coroner released new details from the autopsy. Below are some highlights from the report; read the full story at CNN or download the full report here. -Dr.FB Jackson initally called Dr. Murray to his residence at 1am, where he “complained of […]