Will Ryan Reynolds & Denzel Washington Dazzle In “Safe House”?

Safe House. Universal Pictures
Safe House. Universal Pictures

Safe House. Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures hope the answer will be yes about "Safe House" and Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington dazzling in it.

Universal Pictures is in a rut but this movie slated for a February release should help the studio big time.

Ryan plays a rookie CIA agent going after Denzel Washington who plays a renegade CIA agent who has been gone for the department for over a decade.

The poster above was just released and if the movie is as good as the poster, then Universal will be kicking of 2012 right.

What do you think of the poster?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Ryan will give movie goers several expressions during this movie....

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  1. Can’t wait, I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds.

  2. I want to see

  3. no. ryan reynolds is a big fat zero.

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