Photo Of The Moment: The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones 05/15/13 Photo Latisha Alsys For DrFunkenberry.com

Our photo of the moment is The Rolling Stones playing the Honda Center of Anaheim on May 15th, 2013.

This shot, to me, is iconic. 50 years and these boys are still killing it!

I think if I miss the next couple of shows, I am really going to regret it.

Hope you enjoy the shot and thanks to L.A. for sharing!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Never stop.....never stop.....

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  1. The Rolling Stones are just great!!! It is really amazing to see how much fun they still have performing! So much passion for music … reminds me of our main favorite – Prince! :)

    I have seen the Stones live about as often as Prince … the fact that they both rock and have fun in brilliant shows is a big joy for me! :D

    Thanks Doc for sharing the pic! If I were you, I would not miss them!!

  2. The ROLLING STONES are so AWESOME! still RIPPIN tha Stage 50 years later here’s to another 50 YEARS YAY! ROCK ON STONES!!

  3. Prince should show up and Jam with them for a song,…. After all he opened for them for a few shows…..

    Musgrave – Chicago

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