Testing 1….2……PRINCE Starts Tweeting! Uh….Seriously!


PRINCE has officially made his Twitter debut, spouting out a few tweets and live performances as well under the 3rdEyeGirl Twitter account.

To check out PRINCE's tweets.....click here....








What in the world?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Glad he is tweeting and not twerking!

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  1. Well…sadly, I cannot access the aforementioned videos due to my password not being good enough..so what is the point?

    Apparently none, except publicity…

  2. Oh My tha PURPLE YODA is Tweeting NOW the Tweeter World is 4ever changed now that Prince has started Tweeting. Oh Mr. Prince Doesn’t do that. LOL!

  3. Love It! Thanks Mac Daddy for keeping in touch with your fans, supporters and/or friends. Much love from your Paisley Dancer, Teia 😉

  4. While nice, Prince will get bored with Twitter in time and move on, I’m sure. Already clicked on video link from his tweet and its already been changed to private. I’m already bored. Thanks but no thanks. And, Prince’s lawyers can go f#$& themselves.

  5. Welcome, Mister P. 🙂

  6. welcome !

  7. So glad he’s using social media to his advantage! <3!!!!

  8. is this for real?

  9. Just saw this and could not believe it … this is for real, yes??? Miracles do happen! And Prince never seizes to surprise me, especially with all the new things he is doing this year! Wow!!! Impressed and excited beyond words. 😀

  10. My head just exploded!

  11. Cool wellcome to the internet world Mr Prince 😛
    Thanx for the news Doc, appreciate always.

  12. Oh wow..never would guess I’d see this day!!! COOL!!!

  13. This is monumental…seriously!!!!

  14. XD I’m dying. He’s 2 cute.

  15. ‘Bout Time!!!

  16. This should b the top story on Entertainment Tonight!! LOl

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